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1. Which of the following are true?
  1. Force.com is a Platform as a service (PaaS) application.
  2. Salesforce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application.
  3. Salesforce is a Platform as a service (PaaS) application.
  4. Force.com is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application.
2. Which of the following are the Application Development Components of Salesforce?
  1. Apex Code
  2. AppExchange
  3. ERP Connectors
  4. VisualForce
3. What is the syntax for the logout() API call?
  1. LogoutResult = binding.logout();
  2. LogoutResult = binding.logout (string username, string password);
  3. LogoutResult = binding.logout (string username);
  4. LogoutResult = binding.logout (string password);
4. You have a static resource archive named Testpack in your VisualForce organization which contains an image file named hills.jpg. You want to reference this image file in your VisualForce page. Which of the following Code Snippets can be used to achieve the desired result?
  1. <apex:image url=”{!$Resource.Testpack}” width=”50″ height=”50″ />
  2. <apex:image url=”{!URLFOR($Resource.Testpack , ‘hills.jpg’)}” width=”50″ height=”50″ />
  3. <apex:image url=”{!($Resource.Testpack , ‘hills.jpg’)}” width=”50″ height=”50″ />
  4. <apex:image url=”hills.jpg” width=”50″ height=”50″ />
5. Which of the following Managed package Components contain a Subscriber and Developer Editable attribute?
  1. Apex Class
  2. Apex Trigger
  3. Home Page Layout
  4. None of the above
6. Which of the following is/are required to convert a Lead into an Account and Contact?
  1. You must be logged in.
  2. You must have the “Convert Leads” permission and the “Edit” permission on leads.
  3. You must have the “Create” and “Edit” permission on Accounts and Contact objects.
  4. All of the above
7. What is the field type of the AccountNumber field name of the Account object?
  1. string
  2. int
  3. picklist
  4. textarea
8. Which of the following are examples of Assignment operator expressions?
  1. +=
  2. /=
  3. >>=
  4. All of the above
9. What type of object can be added to your organization’s information using the create() API call?
  1. Account
  2. Contact
  3. Both a and b
10. Which of the following fields of the Case API object cannot be updated?
  1. AccountId
  2. Description
  3. CaseNumber
  4. ParentId
  5. OwnerId
11. In which type of Salesforce Edition can a Managed package be created?
  1. Group
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise
  4. Unlimited
  5. Developer
12. Which of the following Access Levels can be granted under Apex Managed Sharing?
  1. Read Only
  2. Private
  3. Read/Write
  4. All of the above
13. What is the description of the Lead object?
  1. It defines a prospect or potential Opportunity.
  2. It defines the rules that assign an owner to a Lead.
  3. It defines the status of a Lead, such as Open, Qualifed, or Converted.
  4. It associates a word or short phrase with a Lead.
14. The following is a VisualForce code snippet:
<apex:page standardController=”Account”>
<apex:pageBlock title=”Contacts”>
<apex:pageBlockTable value=”{!account.Contacts}” var=”contact”>
<apex:column value=”{!contact.Name}”/>
<apex:column value=”{!contact.MailingCity}”/>
<apex:column value=”{!contact.Phone}”/>
It displays the Name, Mailing City, Phone details of a particular contact. Which of the following modifications will enable the above VisualForce code to return the data as a Microsoft Excel sheet?
  1. <apex:pageBlock title=”Contacts” contenttype=”application/vnd.ms-excel”>
  2. <apex:page standardController=”Account” contenttype=”application/vnd.ms-excel”>
  3. <apex:pageBlockTable value=”{!account.Contacts}” var=”contact”contenttype=”application/vnd.ms-excel”>
15. The following is a VisualForce code snippet:
<apex:page standardController=”Account” recordSetVar=”accounts”>
  1. It is an example of VisualForce Standard Controllers.
  2. It is an example of VisualForce Standard List Controllers.
  3. It is an example of VisualForce Custom Controllers.
16. Which of the following API calls are supported by the AssignmentRuleHeader soap?
  1. create()
  2. merge()
  3. update()
  4. All of the above
17. A Custom Component named “myCustomComponent” is created and has the following code:
<apex:outputText value=”This is a custom component.”/>
Which of the following code snippets depicts the correct way to call the above custom component in a VisualForce page, provided, both of these are defined in the same namespace?
  1. <apex:page standardController=”Account”> <c:myCustomComponent/> </apex:page>
  2. <apex:page standardController=”Account”> <apex:myCustomComponent/> </apex:page>
  3. <apex:page standardController=”Account”> <apex:component name=”myCustomComponent” /> </apex:page>
18. Which of the following User Permissions are needed to create test drives and publish AppExchange packages to AppExchange?
  1. Download AppExchange Packages
  2. Create AppExchange Packages
  3. Upload AppExchange Packages
19. State whether the following statement is True or False.
In the Iteration method of accessing components, the concept of DOM ids is used.
  1. False
  2. True
20. Which of the following objects is associated with errors relating to create(), update(), and delete() method calls?
  1. DeployMessage object
  2. AsyncResult object
  3. RetrieveMessage object
21. Which of the following keywords are used with reference to Classes, Objects and Interfaces in the Apex Code?
  1. final
  2. instanceof
  3. without sharing
  4. All of the above
22. Apex allows developers to lock sObject records while they are being updated in order to prevent race conditions and other thread safety problems. Which of the following keywords is used, in SOQL statements for Locking?
23. Which of the following field properties is not supported for the PersonContactId field name of the Account object?
  1. Create
  2. Filter
  3. Nillable
  4. None of the above
24. Which of the following properties is not associated with Managed Packages?
  1. Subscriber Deleteable
  2. IP Protection
  3. Automatic Renaming
  4. Upgradeable
25. In which type of relationships among objects is the object not deleted when its related product is deleted?
  1. Master-Detail
  2. Many-to-Many
  3. Lookup
  4. All of the above
26. A VisualForce page definition consists of VisualForce Markup, which is made up of <apex:page> tags. How many such tags
are allowed in a VisualForce page?
  1. Only One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Unlimited
27. What is the data type of the size property of the QueryResult object returned by a query() call?
  1. int
  2. boolean
  3. string
  4. textarea
  5. sObject
28. What is the maximum number of characters in the OldValue field of SolutionHistory object?
  1. 100
  2. 255
  3. 755
  4. 1000
  5. There is no limit.
29. In order to modify existing customizations in an organization using XML metadata files, which of the following method calls will be used?
  1. deploy()
  2. create()
  3. update()
  4. All of the above
30. Which type of the CRM approach does Salesforce follow?
  1. Operational CRM
  2. Sales Force Automation(SFA) CRM
  3. Analytical CRM
  4. Sales Intelligence CRM
31. Unit tests are class testing methods that verify whether a particular piece of code is working properly. Which of the following is not a feature of Unit tests?
  1. Unit test methods take no arguments.
  2. A Unit test commits data to the database.
  3. Unit tests send no emails.
  4. Unit test methods are always flagged with the testMethod keyword in the method definition.
32. Which of the following Typographical Conventions is used to represent variables in Apex?
  1. Bold
  2. Italics
  3. Bold Italics
  4. Regular Italics
33. What is the maximum number of Custom Apps that can be created using the Developer Edition?
  1. 1
  2. 5
  3. 10
  4. Unlimited
34. What is the difference between the queryAll() and queryMore() calls?
  1. queryAll() returns the records count of more than 500 returns while queryMore() also returns the records that have been deleted because of a merge or delete.
  2. queryMore() returns the records count of more than 500 while queryAll() also returns the records that have been deleted because of a merge or delete.
  3. queryAll() returns the records when the Ids are not known while queryMore() returns the records with known Ids.
  4. queryMore() returns the records when the Ids are not known while queryAll() returns the records with known Ids.
35. Which of the following methods is not defined under ApexClass ?
  1. deploy()
  2. retrieve()
  3. create()
  4. describeMetadata()

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