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1. What is the filename extension of files saved in Vectorworks Fundamentals?
  1. .vwx
  2. .mcc
  3. .mcd
  4. .mcl
2. What instructs Vectorworks to automatically create certain classes (from a predefined list) while creating certain objects?
  1. Grids
  2. Auto-Classing
  3. Document Preferences
  4. Classes
3. What options are present in the Design Layers tab of the organizational dialog box?
  1. Spatial attributes
  2. Visibility attributes
  3. Stacking order attribute
  4. All of the Above
4. What is the result when we change the class property of an object to Geometry Ref and setting the same to invisible?
  1. It specifies the start point of the vertex.
  2. It hides some of the construction lines.
  3. It preserves the construction geometry.
  4. It draws a multi-segment polyline.
5. When we import any external document on to a design layer, will it contain the same classes and settings as the original document?
  1. Yes
  2. No
6. Except Vectorworks Renderworks, You will only be able to apply solid colors to 3D objects?
  1. Yes
  2. No
7. What is Parasolid with regards to Vectorworks Architect?
  1. 3D modeling automation
  2. 3D modeling capability
  3. Architectural 3D modeling
  4. 3D modeling kernel
8. Sheet layer viewports are individual 2D live camera view objects that reside on sheet layers, but display 2D and 3D drawing objects on design layers.
  1. Yes
  2. No
9. What is the most appropriate way to get the patterns of ovals in the given picture?
  1. Copy and Paste
  2. Mirror Objects
  3. Duplicate Array
  4. None of the Above
10. What is used as spatial containers for creating drawing objects and/or to control object stacking order?
  1. Sheet Layers
  2. Design Layers
  3. Spatial attributes
  4. Stacking order attribute
11. Is it possible to import .3ds files with Vectorworks along with additional symbol libraries?
  1. Yes
  2. No
12. Edit Skyline option creates a skyline_______________.
  1. with Window 3D Symbol
  2. without Window 3D Symbol
  3. with Hollow Cutout
  4. with Dashed Outline
13. What are Hybrids?
  1. Objects that behave both as 2D and 3D.
  2. Objects that behave as 2D.
  3. Objects that behave as 3D.
  4. Objects that behave neither as 2D nor as 3D.
14. What do Shell Solid Tool and Extract tool do?
  1. Smooth the edges and trim the shapes.
  2. Hollow the box and extract the curves from solids.
  3. Move the position along particular axis and insert the light source.
  4. Create the surface from one end to second and convert the solids to curves.
15. Dormer and Skylight are the part of roof element option.
  1. Yes
  2. No
16. How can you check the length and angle of any selected line?
  1. By clicking on Polar Coordinates Button
  2. By clicking on Cartesian Coordinates Button
  3. Pressing Circular Constraint Indicator Tab
  4. Both a and b
17. What all formats are compatible with Vectorworks?
  1. DWG
  2. IGES
  3. EPS
  4. All of the Above
18. The Organization dialog box provides single-point viewing, creation, and modification control of drawing structure elements in Vectorworks Fundamentals.
  1. True
  2. False
19. What happens if the checkbox against Create Slab Layers in the Model Setup dialog box is checked?
  1. It creates some unnecessary layers.
  2. It results into graphical representation of creating layers with right height.
  3. It generates some information for design layer and sheet layer.
  4. It does not affect anything.
20. What are the minimum criteria required to call any product a BIM Product?
  1. Parametrically-defined interacting building objects
  2. Simultaneous 2D/3D/parametric viewing & editing
  3. Integrated reporting of non-graphical data
  4. All of the Above
21. What is being used to record the drawing sets when released, who released them and to whom they went?
  1. Notes Management
  2. Context-Sensitive Help
  3. Issue Manager
  4. All of the Above
22. Where can you find the Stipple tool?
  1. In the Dims/Notes palette.
  2. In the Attribute palette.
  3. In the Constraints palette.
  4. In the Color palette.
23. What is the role of Clustering options?
  1. To create plants in pairs.
  2. To create planting points and layouts.
  3. To create planting beds.
  4. To replace the plant with the existing one.
24. What is name of the given Palette?
  1. Navigation Palette
  2. Color Palette library
  3. Constraints Palette
  4. Object Info Palette
25. What are the names of the tools in the given images respectively?
a.Standard Insertion Mode
b.2D Symbol Insertion
c.Align Actual Insertion Point Mode
d.Wall Insertion Mode?
  1. a,b,c,d
  2. c,d,b,a
  3. d,c,a,b
  4. b,d,c,a
26. Sheet Layers are not used as a 2D-only page layout environment for printing.
  1. True
  2. False
27. What is AutoPlot?
  1. It is a Custom Tool
  2. It is set of macro commands
  3. It is a mailing list link
  4. None of Above
28. Viewports can be ________________ to any shape and have the ability to be _______________ separately, which makes creating detailed or enlarged plan views a very simple and straight-forward process.
  1. projected; scaled
  2. adapted; rendered
  3. modified; rendered
  4. cropped; annotated
29. Classes are primarily used to control display properties and __________________.
  1. spatial attributes.
  2. display order.
  3. visibility of drawing objects.
  4. None of the above.

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