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1. Look at the picture. What happens if place objects at the original position option is not selected while importing artwork from Illustrator?
  1. The imported Illustrator layers retain the exact position that they had in Illustrator.
  2. The imported Illustrator layers are centered within the current view.
  3. Both a and b
2. Look at the picture. Which colors does the Clear colors option in the swatches panel not remove?
  1. White and gray
  2. Gray
  3. Blue
  4. Black and white
3. You can apply the Distribute To Layers command to ______.
  1. Instances
  2. Video clips
  3. Broken-apart text blocks
  4. All of the above
4. When do we choose Edit > Paste In Place option while working with assets?
  1. To nest the pasted screen within the selected screen
  2. To paste the asset in the center of the visible pasteboard
  3. To place the asset in the same location as in the source document
5. Which xml file lets you store breakpoint information when you work with breakpoints in the Script window?
  1. Break.xml
  2. Breakpoints.xml
  3. AsBreakpoints.xml
6. Which property of an FLA file controls the orientation of the z axis of 3D movie clips on the Stage?
  1. Perspective Angle
  2. Vanishing Point
  3. Both a and b
7. Breakpoints set in which of the following are saved with the FLA file?
  1. Script window
  2. Debugger
  3. Actions panel
8. If a motion tween exists between two keyframes and you add a filter to the object in one keyframe, what will Flash do?
  1. It will give an error message.
  2. It will automatically add a dummy filter to the movie clip when it reaches the keyframe at the other end of the tween.
  3. It will remove the matching filter from the movie clip when it reaches the keyframe at the other end of the tween.
9. Which option in the given picture displays dynamic scrollable text fields?
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
10. When does Flash insert the image map code?
  1. When html wants to detect link verification tools.
  2. When an HTML template includes the $IM template variable.
  3. When the $MT template variable causes Flash to insert all the text from the current SWF file.
11. Look at the picture. What does a span of frames with a green background indicate in the Timeline?
  1. An inverse kinematics (IK) pose layer
  2. A classic tween
  3. A motion tween
12. When you paste Illustrator artwork into Flash, the attributes preserved are ______.
  1. paths and shapes
  2. linked images
  3. gradient definitions
  4. All of the above
13. Which type of nested objects inside the movie clip are properly scaled in the 9-slice manner?
  1. Graphic symbols
  2. Groups
  3. Shapes
  4. All of the above
14. Which option would you choose to display only the shadow in the filter section?
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
15. Look at the picture. What happens if the Show Solid Points option is not chosen?
  1. The selected anchor points are hollow and deselected anchor points are solid
  2. The selected anchor points are solid, and deselected anchor points are hollow
  3. Neither of the above
16. Look at the picture. Which pointer controls the alpha color of the gradient glow?
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
17. What will you do to include a preloader with your screen-based document?
  1. Create the preloader as a separate SWF file
  2. Create a preloader within a screen-based document
  3. Neither of the above
18. Which command converts a bitmap into a vector graphic with editable, discrete areas of color?
  1. Swap bitmap
  2. Trace bitmap
  3. Neither of the above
19. Which of the following is not a debugging tool?
  1. Output panel
  2. trace() statement
  3. throw and try..catch..finally statements
  4. None of the above
20. Look at the picture. When do you enable the JPEG Deblocking option while publishing SWF files?
  1. To make highly compressed JPEG images look smoother
  2. To unlock all hidden layers in JPEG images
  3. To increase artifacts resulting from JPEG compression
21. You can sort items in the library panel by the ______.
  1. Use count
  2. ActionScript linkage identifier
  3. Type<
  4. All of the above
22. To display an SWF file in a web browser, which tag should an HTML document use?
  1. Object
  2. Embed
  3. Both a and b
23. Which of the label given in the image, straightens any freehand drawing drawn on the canvas?
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
24. Look at the picture. While exporting a GIF file, dithering is applied to ______.
  1. solid colors
  2. solid colors as well as gradients
  3. solid colors as well as Web colors
25. Look at the picture. Which skin parameter does not allow the FLVPlayback to have its control elements that allow the user to play, stop, or rewind the video?
  1. “None”
  2. “True”
  3. “False”
26. Look at the picture. What happens if we set autoplay to false while configuring the FLVPlayback component?
  1. It plays the video immediately when it is loaded.
  2. It loads the first frame and pauses.
  3. It does not play the video.
27. By increasing the Perspective Angle property, ______.
  1. you make 3D objects appear closer to the viewer
  2. you make 3D objects appear further away
  3. Neither of the above
28. Which sync option would you choose to have the sound play along with the movement of the time slider?
  1. Stop
  2. Start
  3. Event
  4. Stream
29. The context menu’s Print command in the Flash Player cannot print ______________.
  1. Transparency
  2. Color effects
  3. Frames from other movie clips (except a Flash SWF file)
  4. All of the above
30. In Flash, Behaviors are available for ______.
  1. Text fields
  2. Movie clips
  3. Sound files
  4. All of the above
31. Which behaviors can be added to control slide screens?
  1. Go to First Slide
  2. Go to Next Slide
  3. Go to Last Slide
  4. All of the above
32. Which method would you choose to add a sound to the Timeline?
  1. Use library
  2. Load a sound into an SWF file during runtime
  3. Use the load Sound method of the Sound object
  4. Any one of the above.
33. To apply a gradient to text,______.
  1. break the text apart and convert the text to its component lines and fills
  2. enable the anti-aliasing option
  3. You can not apply a gradient to text in flash.
34. Which sound effect would you choose to remove previously applied effects?
  1. None
  2. Custom
  3. Fade out
  4. Left Channel/Right Channel
35. The Free Transform tool cannot transform ______.
  1. Gradients
  2. Text
  3. Video objects
  4. All of the above
36. How would you dim the Print command in the Flash Player context menu or make the entire SWF file nonprintable?
  1. By labeling a frame as $fp
  2. By labeling a frame as !#p
  3. By labeling a frame #pf
37. What happens when you bring static text from Illustrator into Flash?
  1. Flash does not support the text from Illustrator.
  2. Flash converts the text to outlines.
  3. Flash converts the text to buttons.
38. Which option would you choose to obtain debugging information about TextField objects?
  1. Debug > List Variables command
  2. Debug > List Objects command
  3. Both a and b
39. If you do not specify a Hit frame, the area of the button is defined by______.
  1. Down state
  2. Over state
  3. Up state
  4. Blank value
40. Which type of symbols has no timeline?
  1. Movie Clip symbols
  2. Button symbols
  3. Graphic symbols
  4. All of the above have timeline
41. Look at the picture. In the Timeline, a green double slash indicates that the frame contains the______.
  1. Anchor
  2. Label
  3. Comment
  4. Actions panel
42. While working with Flash HTML templates, what does Template variables beginning with a dollar sign ($) specify?
  1. Where to substitute parameter values when Flash generates the output file
  2. Where to generate an embedded image map
  3. Where to store export settings separately with each file
43. Which option would you choose to modify text?
  1. Convert the characters to shape objects
  2. Transform the text
  3. Apply the Envelope modifier
44. IK armatures can only be edited in the ______.
  1. Transform panel
  2. Property inspector
  3. Pose layers
45. Which tool would you use to adjust the relationships between individual bones and control points of shape objects while working with IK?
  1. Bone tool
  2. Bind tool
  3. Neither of the above
46. Look at the picture. Which color types does the Overflow option in the color panel not work with?
  1. Linear
  2. Gradient
  3. Solid
47. Which type of layers does not contain motion tweens?
  1. Masked layers
  2. Mask layers
  3. Guide layers
  4. Guided layers
48. Where is a new symbol stored if no folder is selected?
  1. It is stored in the filter preset box.
  2. Symbol is stored at the root of the library.
  3. It is stored in behaviors.
49. How can you edit a bitmap image in Flash?
  1. Break apart a bitmap
  2. Convert a bitmap to a vector graphic
  3. Either a or b
50. What is the use of the Roving property keyframes in the Timeline?
  1. It maintains a constant orientation relative to the path.
  2. It applies the stroke as the new motion path for the selected tween span.
  3. It makes the speed of an animation consistent throughout a tween.
  4. It changes a tween span to static frames.
51. Which button frame never appears on the stage?
  1. Down
  2. Up
  3. Over
  4. Hit
52. Which keys or command would you select to delete anchor points?
  1. Delete
  2. Edit > Clear commands
  3. Edit > Cut
  4. None of the above
53. In a mask layer, Flash ignores ______.
  1. Line styles
  2. Colors
  3. Bitmaps
  4. All of the above
54. When do you use the dynamic font mapping?
  1. If you are working with a multilingual text
  2. To ensure that the correct fonts are used
  3. Both a and b
55. Which value can you enter while modifying the property value of a movie clip?
  1. Expression
  2. Object
  3. Array values
  4. String
56. When does a motion path appear on the Stage?
  1. When you tween a color effect on a symbol
  2. When you create a motion tween for a symbol
  3. When you create a classic tween for a symbol
57. The Break Apart command applies only to ______.
  1. scrollable text fields
  2. bitmap fonts
  3. true type fonts
58. While editing the sound effect, the envelope lines indicate ______.
  1. Volume
  2. Pitch
  3. Tempo
59. Which parameter of an instance can be edited without affecting the symbols?
  1. Skew
  2. Rotate
  3. Scale
  4. All of the above
60. How would you dismiss the Tooltip-style code hint?
  1. Type a closing parenthesis “)”
  2. Click outside the statement
  3. Press Escape
  4. Any one of the above
61. When do you choose the File > Save And Compact command?
  1. To remove deleted items from a document after using the Undo command
  2. To permanently remove the deleted items from the document and reduce the document file size
  3. Both a and b
62. Breakpoints are ignored ______
  1. when you set on comments
  2. when you set on empty lines
  3. Both a and b
63. Where does Flash insert a nested screen?
  1. At the same level as the currently selected screen
  2. One level above the currently selected screen
  3. One level below the currently selected screen
64. What type of tweening would you apply to the object if the mask object is a type object?
  1. Motion tweening
  2. Shape tweening
  3. Tweening can not be applied to a type object.
65. When two or more different types of objects are selected, the Property inspector displays ______.
  1. the first object selected
  2. the last object selected
  3. the total number of objects selected
  4. nothing
66. Look at the picture. Which Anti-Aliasing option lets you modify the font’s properties?
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
67. Look at the picture. When do we select the Ab option while working with the dynamic text option?
  1. To preserve the rich text formatting with the appropriate HTML tags
  2. To enable the users to select dynamic text
  3. To embed all of the characters from the selected text field
  4. To display a black border and white background for the text field
68. The default mode of the 3D Translation and Rotation tools is ______.
  1. Local
  2. Global
  3. Object
69. Which attributes can you not set for the Line tool?
  1. Style
  2. Stroke
  3. Fill
  4. Scale
70. What happens if the frame rate of the video clip and the SWF file are not the same?
  1. Flash does not support different frame rates for the video and the SWF files.
  2. Playback is inconsistent.
  3. It can cause the Flash Player to fail.
71. Under which circumstances does a movie clip not use a Runtime Bitmap Caching even if it is selected?
  1. When bitmap is too large
  2. When bitmap fails to allocate
  3. Both a and b
72. When you Publish an AIR file, Flash creates ______.
  1. an SWF file
  2. an XML application descriptor file
  3. Both a and b
73. The length of an imported video file cannot exceed ______.
  1. 12000 frames
  2. 8000 frames
  3. 10000 frames
  4. 16000 frames
74. The Watch list shows only variables that you access by using the ______.
  1. Relative path
  2. Absolute path
  3. Neither of the above
75. Which symbols are used to display hidden characters?
  1. Single-byte space (.)
  2. Double-byte space (|)
  3. Tab (>>)
  4. All of the above
76. You can apply filters only to ______.
  1. Text
  2. Button
  3. Movie clip objects
  4. All of the above
77. Which parameter is available only for form screens?
  1. AutoKeyNav
  2. OverlayChildren
  3. PlayHidden
  4. Visible
78. 9-slice scaling can be applied to______.
  1. Movie clip
  2. Graphic symbol
  3. Button symbol

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