Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (U.S. Version)

Hi Friends,
Today i am sharing with you Odesk Elance Online Article and Blog Writer Test Free Questions and answers . I am sure you will be get 70% - 80 % marks. So try it and share your experience with us.

Question 1
What is a 'metablog'?
a. A highly personal, if not confessional blog
b. A blog about metal
c. A blog devoted to explaining 'metas'
d. A blog about a blogging

Question 2 
Where did the term 'blog' originate?
a. it was invented by Mr. James Blog
b. An abridgment of the two terms, 'web' and 'log'
c. An abridgment of the two terms, 'book' and 'log'
d. b and c
e. None of the above. It was a spontaneous new coinage derived from Old English

Question 3

What is the difference between a "patent" and a "trademark"?
a. A copyright and a trademark are the same; a patent is made to protect goods or services for sale
b. Patents and trademarks are the same; it is copyright that is different
c. A patent protects a work, device or name that is used for trading goods whereas a trademark protects inventions or discoveries
d. A trademark protects a word, device or name that is used for trading goods whereas a patent protects inventions or discoveries
Question 4
Which of the following is not a blogging provider or blogging service available on the web free of cost?
a. Wordpress
b. Blogger
c. Technorati
d. Bluehost
Question 5
Which of the following is a good approach to planning to write a blog posting?
a. Source content, write draft, save, post to blog
b. Idea, source content, post to blog, read 
c. Idea, source content, write draft, save, read and edit, post to blog
d. write draft, edit, post to blog, read and edit later

Question 6 
What is 'podcasting'?
a. Making the entire blog available in a single downloadable file
b. redirecting traffic through a portal hidden on the blog called a 'pod'
c. Distribution of audio and other media files for download to digital music or multimedia players such as iPods
c. Mass e-mailing for marketing purposes to promote several blogs at the same time

Question 7
Fooling the search engines with link farms, keyword stuffing, cloaking or alt text spamming is not a good idea because _____________________ .
a. It is an offense in most countries
b. The search engines may restrict your site or future listings, or ban you altogether
c. It could reduce the traffic to your blog
d. All of the above

Question 8

What are "blooks"?
a. Books that are written by bloggers and generally grow out of their blogs
b.People who like to blog
c.People who promote their blogs on the inside pages of a book
d.All of the above

Question 9
What are 'article submission sites'?
                  a. databases of stored articles awaiting approval from a CEO 
b. Sites that help submit articles you have written about your product for online publication so that you don't have to spend valuable time sending out your articles individually  
c. Sites where you can buy articles and adapt them to a target audience and focus them on your market.      
d. Usually scam sites that promise huge marketing distribution around the Internet

Question 10
The removal of the copyright tag-line means the work is no longer protected by copyright
a. true
b. false

Question 11
What do we mean when we say an author's copyright is within 'the public domain'?
a. We mean it is floated on the stock exchange
b. We mean it is freely available for all, can be copied, reproduced and re-published
c. We mean it is temporarily available for a period of 1-5 years
d. We mean it is part of the author's estate for 70 years after his or her death.

Question 12
What do you mean by your article being 'non exclusive' while selling it online?
a. That you can sell it to one more company
b. That it is exclusively connected to the site where you publish it first
c. That you can publish it online elsewhere so long as they are 'non exclusive'
d. That you can sell it to 5 more companies
e. That you can post it on your blog but nowhere else

Question 13
 Can you sell your copyright?
a. Yes, by licensing it according to territory and time
b. No, it remains yours always
c. Yes, but only in certain places, and for lengths of time up to 140 years after your death
d. Yes, so long as someone changes his/her name to your name.

Question 14

 What is an 'open thread'?
a. A thread that is open for discussion by those posting to it
b. A thread that has closed links
c. Multiple posts focused around one specific subject
d. All posts made openly by the same blogger
e. All of the above

Question 15

Online articles do not need to be cited especially when taken from another online source.
a. True
b. False

Question 16
If you're writing an article about applying for admission to graduate courses in universities. Your target audience is likely to be ________.
a. 18-year olds
b. Students already in college
c. A range of readers who are thinking of applying for admission to a graduate school

d. people between 45 and 65

Question 17
State whether True or False
Copyright is available not just for published works but also for works in private use that have not or may never be published.
a. True
b. False

Question 18

What is the "useful but incomplete" approach in terms of promoting your product in an online article or so-called e-zine?
a. Making your product useful but leaving the article incomplete with no way of linking to your site
b. Making your product incomplete and the article useful
c. Making the article useful but leaving it incomplete so the market is enticed but has to follow your link to learn more
d. Making the article complete and the product useful so that there's no need to find our more

Question 19
What can you do to make your articles more appealing to online readers?
a. Create external links and quality posts
b. Add a message board and / or chat room to encourage interactivity
c. Increase the product or site image / professional branding
d. All of the above

Question 20 
Search engines will return different results depending on the word order of the search terms
a. True
b. False

Question 21
If your website sells golf equipment, your promotional articles should be written about _____________
a. good golf courses
b. caddies
c. sport in general
d. the best clubs to use at certain times
e. All of the above

Question 22

If you write something libellous in a blog, you can still be sued for defamation despite the apparent freedom of expression on the Internet
a. True
b. False

Question 23
What is "misinformation"?
a. Mystery information partially hidden on the Internet
b. Information which is misleading or distracting or at least partial wrong
c. Mr. Information
d Completely wrong information on all counts
e. None of the above

Question 24
In terms of keywords for promoting a website about global money, which of the following groups would be the best choice?
a. Football, shopping, racing, gardening
b. 10c, 5c, dollar, 50c, quarter
c. The World Bank, the Olympics, the US government, the UEFA cup
d. Dollar, yen, pound sterling, exchange rate
Question 25
What distinguished a blog from a website?
a. Postings that occur according to a timeline that is updated so old posts can be traced
b. More content
c. Flashier images
d. Content details
e. More professional content

Question 26
If you're writing an article about the automotive industry, which of the following would be the best way of promoting your article?
a. Adding internal links within your blog that cross-reference the article
b. Adding highly specific keywords to your pages that reference aspects of the automotive industry
c. Contacting other automotive industry blogs and websites offering a link-exchange
e. All of the above

Question 27
What are "Google alerts"?
a. A ringtone from Google
b. A doorbell as a prize for being loyal Google customer
c. Pinging of your website by Google every time you use Yahoo and MSN instead of Google
d. A system where Google e-mails you the results of your pre-arranged search terms on a regular basis to stir you thoughts about writing blog content
Question 28
Blog comments show up in Google searches in addition to the blog posts
a. True
b. False

Question 29

 What does the term"spomment" refer to in the blogsphere?
a. Special comments
b. Spam on a posting
c. Comment spam
d. Tiny gremlins inside the computer system
e. All of the above

Question 30
When writing an article about safety and light bulbs, which of the following is likely to be your target audience?
a. Electrical engineers
b. Ordinary people involved in home improvement
c. Working electricians
d. Light bulb manufacturers
e. All of the above 

Question 31
How long does an author's copyright - whether in print or online - last?
a. Until he/she dies
b. forever 
c. For 5 years after the publication
d. For 40 years after he/she dies
e. For 70 years after he/she dies

Question 32
What is an "anonoblog"?
a. A general blog with multiple authors
b. A blog about people who used to be famous
c. A blog written and maintained by an anonymous author, often under a pseudonym or pen name 
d. All of the above

Question 33
At what point does a work - whether an online blog or in print - come under copyright?
a. As soon as it is published
b. As soon as the author registers the copyright
c. As soon as the author writes "Copyright" and his/her name and date next to it
d. As soon as it is created
Question 34
It is a good idea to have two blogs with the same content to try and increase traffic?
a. No, as search engines such as Google will most likely list only one blog which may not be your preference
b. Yes, two blogs, even with the same content, will most likely double your traffic on the web
c. Yes, and to have three would be still better
d. No, because search engines will be advised to close down one, if not both, of your blogs

Question 35
What are the websites "" and ""?
a. Sites where teachers can obtain their students' papers in an educational exchange program?
b. Websites dedicated to stopping plagiarism on the web
c. Websites where students can obtains papers to wrongfully use as their own, often for free
d. A community of online papers backed by most US and UK school programs.

Question 36
 What are "subsidiary rights" if your blog becomes successful enough to receive an offer of publication in print?
a. All rights originally held by the author
b. Translation rights
c. All secondary rights sold by the  agent or publisher, such as volume rights, audio rights, film and T.V. rights, book club rights, paperback rights etc
d. Rights that the author always retains and that cannot be licensed

Question 37

 What is "blogsphere"?
a. The hole in the Internet through which blogs can fall
b. The blogs in a given area such as a street, county or country
c. The collective content of the blogs worldwide
d. Blogs companies that group together and buy smaller blogs
e. None of the above

Question 38
What is "CEOBlog"?
a. A social networking blog
b. A blog that has been unplugged by a corporation during a hostile takeover
c. A group blog
A blog written used a "stream of consciousness" writing style
e. A blog maintained by a Chief Executive Officer

Question 39
what is a "tag"?
a. An external link
b. A language element, such as a word, often used in blogs to identify the type or types of content that makes up a particular post
c. A long post that goes onto another page
d. Both b and c

Question 40
Which of the following is the term used for the collective blogging intelligentsia, namely the most influential blogger online by page rank owing to their high traffic count? 
a. Glamorati
b. Hoi polloi
c. Rich and reckless
d. Beautiful and damned
e. Blogerati