oDesk Windows XP test

Question no.1: which of the following statements is true if you open an exiting files , make changes to it, and save it to a new name?

oDesk Windows XP test

Ans: b

Question no.2: which of the following features is / are available in windows XP?

Ans: A B D

Question no.3: the Microsoft file format that contains the bitmapped graphics and metadata for the skins used in the three preinstalled windows xp visual themes is ::


Question no 4: which of the following statements about the stand by option while shutting down your computer is/are correct?

Ans: B.

Question 5: which statement about the recycle bin is/are correct?

 Ans:    B.

Question no 6:  which of the following statements about windows xp features is/are correct?

Ans:  A B D.

Question no 7: which of the following type of objects can you search on your computer and on the network,using windows xp search companion?

Ans: E.

Question no 8: you can create and edit files using the windows notepad.what is the extention of a file thet has been created using notepad?

Ans:  C.

Question no 9:  windows xp include a new type of view for folders that contain graphics file.this folder views is called __________________ and displays small images of all the graphics in the folder in the bottom right hand pane of windows explorer and a large image of a selected picture in the right hand pane.

Ans:  A.

Question no 10: what should  you type on the command prompt to return back to the window?

Ans: D.

Question no 11: with windows xp you can not spacify that files with certain files name extensions should always open in the same program.

Ans: B.

 Question no 12: which of the following activities can you accomplish with the remote desktop feature in windows xp?

Ans: d.