Knowledge of Open Social Test Question

Question no.1: what will the following code fetch for variable "xyz" in open social for "ORQUT"?
a. current user ID
b.owner user ID
c.application ID
d.view ID

Question no.2: what do you mean by "Activity" in open social API (v0.7)?
a.action performed by a user
b.addition of a new user
c.deletion of an existing user
d.moderation of user
e.none of the above

Question no.3: what is the functionality of the "getdomain" method in the environment class in the open social API(v0.7)? displays the url of application gives the current site on which the application runnig gives information about the gadget url and the language used
d.all of the above

Question no.4: you have a collection of a multiple objects and you want to retrieve the size of that collection.which of the following methods will you use in order to calculate the collection size?

Question no.5: which of the following are compulsory for creating an OpenSocial(v0.7) application for Orqut?
a.orqut ID
b. standbox access
c.Google page hosting
d.database access
e.text editor

Question no.6: you have made a function named 'getfriends()' , which will get the list of friends once the OpenSocial API is loaded. which of the following event handler will call this function after the API has been loaded?

Question no.7: in Restful Data API , the server intersections are handled by  __________ protocol and the authentication is handled by__________.
a.HTTPS, OAuth

Question no.8: Some of the class and methods in the 'gadget*.'namespace are feature spccific.
in which of the following tags must the <Require feature="foo"/> element be included in order to use them.
d.<Module Prefs>

Question no.9: suppose there is an OpenSocial API named 'Messages' which is integrated with the Google APP Engine. through which of the following API namespace will OpenSocial app make calls and get data from API hosted on Google App Engine?
c. OpenSocial . DataRequest   
d.OpenSocial .newDataRequest()

Question no.10: which of the following are the supposed keys for the Url.getField() method?

Question no.11: you can embed flash objects with OpenSocial(v0.7).

Question no.12: if you want to handle the error of maximum usages of "Quotas" in OpenSocial (v0.7) . which object field of the class "OpenSocial.ResponseItem.Error" will be used to handle the error?

Question no.13: you can send mails to friends by using OpenSocial (v0.7) for Orkut  application?

Question no.14: what does <Module Prefs> section specify in OpenSocial(v0.7)?
a.characteristics of the gadgets
b.controls that allow the users to specify settings for the gadgets
c.programming logic of the gadget
d.language used in the gadget

Question no.15: what will happen if "&bpc=1" appended to an orkut application canvas page url as querystring? will retain the cache of the page will load a fresh copy of the page will create cookies for the specific page will create language specific views for the page.

Question no.16:  what kind of data can be saved and retrieved in OpenSocial API (v0.7)?
 a.per-user application
d.per-application instance

Question no.17: in the process of integrating OpenSocial API with Google App Engine , You do not need maintain any servers.

Question no.18:what is the purpose of the "gadgets.util.escapeString" function?
a. it is used  to HTML decode the string is used to escape special characters in a string is used to escape invalid string codes is used to HTML encode the string 
Question no.19: what is the functionality of the "gadgets. MiniMessage"class in the OpenSocial(v0.7)? create message that will appear to the user within the gadget create  message which are being displayed on the main menu create message which are used to send email  to friends create message to access data from other web servers.

Question no.20: persistence  API provides a storage mechanism to save and which from the data stored? is stored in the form of data object is stored in the form of XML is stored in the form of encrypted codes is stored in the form of key / value pairs

Question no.21:in OpenSocial API ."OpenSocial.idSpec.Field"namespace is used get the groudpid  of the user get the titleid of the message in message template get the userid of the user get the network distance between two users

Question no.22: if the content is a feed and you want to feed and you want to fetch the of entries in OpenSocial (v0.7) .which object field of class "" will be used?

Question no.23: which of the following are the valid Content Types under '' namespace?

Question no.24: in persistence API, the data store only accepts strings for storage , which means that you must convert complex data structures to strings before saving them. which of the following functions is used to convert JavaScript objects and arrays to a string value?
a.gadgets .json.stringfy
b. values

Question no.25: which of the following are the components of the OpenSocial JavaScript API (v0.7)?
a. JavaScript Api
c.Google App Code
d.Restful API  

Question no.26: which of the following namespaces are included in OpenSocial JavaScript API (v0.7)?
a.OpenSocial -0.7

Question no.27: which of the following type convention are used in OpenSocial Gadgets API?

Question no.28: which of the following methods are defined under "OpenSocial.Permission"
a. OpenSocial.hasPermission()
b. OpenSocial.Permission.Viewer
c. OpenSocial.requestPermission()
d. OpenSocial.getPermission()

 Question no.29: what is shown in "Activity Stream" in an Orkut application using OpenSocial (v0.7)?
a. Newly added application in orkut
b. Newly added themes in orkut
c. recently added community
d. Updates to friends

Question no.30: which of the following are authorized of API supported gadgets in OpenSocial API(v0.7)?
a.gadgets .io.AuthorizationType.AUTHENTICATED

Question no.31: arrange in proper sequence how an application gets live in Orkut using OpenSocial  _________
(v0.7).(String ______ with ____________ the _________ 1st)
1.submitting             the                 application                      to                   orkut
2.registration                       at                                sandbox
3.adding                            the                            application                      in                  sandbox
4.creating an account in orkut
a. 4,1,2,3

Question no.32: what is the function of the "gadgets .pubsub" namwspace in OpenSocial API (v0.7)? is used to create feed channels is used to publish messages to feed channels is used to subscribe gadgets to a messaging channels is used to unsubscribe gadgets from a messaging channels

Question no.33: with the help of the '' function in OpenSocial API , you can:
a.get a use'rs profile data
b.get a user's  friend list
c.delete "Persistance Data"
d.add a user to the friend list
e.fetch content from other web server and web pages

Question no.34: what is the function of the "makeRequest()" method in OpenSocial API (v0.7)? is used to add new content by the user is used to fetch content from other remote web servers and web pages is used to make a request for adding the specific application is used to make a request for accessing some perticular application

Question no.35: which of the following are the constant identifier in OpenSocial API?
a. owner
b. viewer
c. users
d. viewer_friends  

Question no.36: which of the following languages are  used for integrating OpenSocial API with Google App Engine?
a. javascript

Question no.37: which of the following content type requests are handled by the (url,            callback,                             opt params)
a.Text request
b. DOM request
c.HTTP request
d.JSON requests
e.FEED requests

Question no.38: you can to build an OpenSocial API ,and you want to configure the API to be run on verson 0.7? which of the following statements is the correct configuration?
a.<EnumValue feature ="OpenSocial-0.7"/>
b.<require feature = "OpenSocial-0.7"/>
c.<EnumValue Version ="OpenSocial-0.7"/>
d.<require version = "OpenSocial-0.7"/>  

Question no.39: which of the following are supported keys for the person .getField() method?
a. About_me

Question no.40: when you add an application to orkut sandbox by using OpenSocial (v0.7), which of the following types of users can add the application?
a.orkut users with sandbox access
b.the application creator and his friends
c.any orkut user
d.none of the above

Question no.41: which of the following "Data request" methods will be used in order to read , write, and clear data from persistence API?
a.newFetchPersonRequest(idSpec, opt_params)
b.newFetchPersonAppDataRequest(idspec , keys)
d.newUpdatePersonAppDataRequests(id, key , value)

Question no.42: in OpenSocial API , the "gadgets . prefs" namespace enables the end user to ___________
a.set preference of the OpenSocial API
b.set OpenSocial API module dimensions
c.handle messages in API
  d. set Permissions of the API 

Question no.43: which of the following request is sent to the API server when an OpenSocial API wants to call the Google App Engine server for data?

Question no.44: which of the following are valid RequestParameters under "" namespace?

Question no.45: you have an OpenSocial API. you want to show the same OpenSocial API content in both 'profile' view and 'canvas' view. which of the following is the correct code?
a.<content type = "html"view="(profile canvas)">
b.<content type="html"view="all">
c.<content type= "html"view="profile canvas">
e. any of the above can be used