Joomla1 test answer for oDesk

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Today i am sharing with you Joomla1 test answer for oDesk. I am sure you will be get better result.

Question no.1: what is the default super administrator account for Joomla called?

Ans: Administrator.

Question no.2: which of the following PHP directives are important to Joomla execution to define alternate compression library if the standard library is notavailable?

Ans: extension_ dir

Question no.3: which of the following files is archive and contains the actual CB component that you must install  into Joomla while downloading CB?

Ans: com _ comprofiler 

Question no.4: which option will you choose to set the site metadata for the installed website?

Ans: global configuration

Question no.5: what will happen if we set the SSL enabled option to On?

Ans: the option will make  the link from the menu begin with an http://

Question no.6: the core editor events apply to plug ins that provide editor functionally such as Tiny MCE or Xstandard Lite.

Ans: true.

Question no.7: which PHP file does the index . PHP file load to provide the menu bar to the administrator interface?

Ans: toolbar.PHP

Question no.8: which of the given database system to supported by Joomla?

Ans: Mysql 

Question no.9: which of the following is the default editor of Joomla?

Ans: TinyMAC 

Question no.10: Joomla provides an abstracted method called get Escaped() that returns the escaped string regardless of the target database.

Ans:  false.

Question no.11: from which package are the classes (i.e JSite, JAdministrator , and JInstallation) which make up the Joomla CMS application extended?

Ans: installer.

Question no.12: what is not true about Joomla Xplorer?

Ans: none of the above.

Question no.13: which of the following is a system event?

Ans: OnDisplay

Question no.14: which Joomla file provides the central logic of the template,including any module and component display?

Ans: index.php

Question no.15: when will you use STMP authentication mail settings?

Ans: when you want to use an internal mail server.

Question no.16: what do you understand by the type of error?

Ans: it means that STRICT_ALL_TABLES is enabled.

Question no.17: which path variable holds the path of the currently executing applition?

Ans: all of the above.

Question no.18: which user events occur with plug ins that are installed for the front end of the system?

      Ans: both a and b

Question no.19: which type of positioning elements define a concrete area such as a p, td,div or table in a CSS file?

Ans: block element.

Question no.20: which of the following files does the "/includes" directory not contain?

Ans: none of above

Question no.21: why does Joomla use template Details .xml files?

Ans: all of the above   

Question no.22: which of the following events is activated after content rendering is complete for content type plug ins?

Ans: on after Display Content

Question no.23: all the Joomla settings are contained within a PHP class called JConfig

Ans: true

Question no.24: there are two roots classes for the Joomla frame work: JFactory and JVersion.

Ans: true.

Question no.25: what is not true about the MD5 hash value?

Ans: each password in Joomla is stored as a MD5 hash value.

Question no.26: which option will you select to find unpublished articles?

Ans:Article Manager  

Question no.27: which type of files can media manager not upload?

Ans: none of above.

Question no.28:  which type of server technology is used by Joomla?

 Ans: all of the above.

Question no.29: which of the following is not true about the front page manager?

Ans: you can't select your content for the front page all the contents. 

Question no.30: which among the following switches display the current version of PHP?

Ans: v