knowledge of Google SketchUp pro 7 skill test

Question no.1: what is the basic pre - requisite for the flip Edge in Standbox tools to operate?

Ans: the surface needs to contain triangulations.

Question no.2: in the given illustrations, what is the difference between the types of selection?
   a. A select the polygon and B selects the arc
b. A gives entity info the ellipse and B gives entity info of the path
c.A gives Entity info of the selected face and B gives Entity info the segment
d. A and B are identical selections.

Question no.3: which toolbar has been enabled in the given illustration?
 a. views

Question no.4: where can you locate the geometric parameters/attributes of an imported component or a model in Google SketchUp?
a.Right click> Entity info
b. Window menu > Components > Statistics tabs
c.Window>Preference>Component info
d.View menu >Toolbar> Dynamic components  

Question no.5: the SimplifyContours.rb  Ruby script file is available for free download from . what does this file do? enhances Soften / Smooth Edges feature. improves the performance of StandBox tools. display the model edges more accurately.

Question no.6: in order to convert a single surface into a component , you may not get the option of Make Component in the context menu,as shown in the figure.what could be a possible workround for this? 
 a.a single surface can't be converted into a component. bounding edges to enable the option make component
c.Press Ctrl and right click on the surface again.
d.go to Edit menu and choose Make Component from the drop down

Question no.7: when does Google SketchUp display a warning message to the user as shown in the figure?
a.while using scale tool on multiple components.
b.while using the tape measure tool to resize models with imported components.
c.while using the offset Tool on components loaded from external files.
d.when you try to resize multiple components with single selection window

Question no.8: how can the transformation as shown in the figure given illustration   be brought about?
a.view>Face style>wireframe
b.right click>Explode
c.view>hidden geometry
d.right click> intersect> intersect selected

Question no.9: of the following , which tools is not found in the construction tools of Google SketchUp?
a.3D text
b.tape measure

Question no.10: which of the following options would results in drawing of a triangle? circle tool> draw circle> types 3s in the value control box. rectangle tool>Draw rectangle>types 3sin the value control box Polygon tool> draw a Polygon > SketchUp  draws a triangle by default
d.none of these option will end up as a triangle

Question no.11: which settings window has been displayed in the given figure ?
where can you access it from?
a.geometry settings . it can be accessed under toolbar> geometry
b.shadow setting. it can be accessed under Window> Shadows cab be accessed under Window>Style
d.layer can be accessed under Toolbar>Layers

Question no.12: in the layer palette shown in the given figure,what happens when you unchecked the box under Visible for layer 1?
a.layer 1 disappears from the model
b.layer1 gets deleted from the model
c.layer1 appears grayed out.
d.sketchup doesn't allow to hide active layers.

Question no.13: which of the following options will not help you import models form 3D warehouse?
a.get models from the components window
b.go to SketchUp help and downloads.
c.use the get models option under the file menu the 3D warehouse in your internet browser.  

Question no.14: which of the following four methods would not work for the follow Me tool?

a.preselect a face  or an enclosed surface as a path
b.use the Alt key key to define a path a around face.
c.Preselect edges of a path that may or may not lie on the surface. curve

Question no.15: which of the following context menu sub-options will NOT work for the the intersect tool in Schtchup?
a. intersect with model
b.intersect select
c.intersect with
d.intersect with context