Google SketchUp Pro 7 Skills Test Answer 2013

What is the basic pre-requisite for the Flip Edge tool in Sandbox tools to operate?
a. The surface needs to be a grid.
b. The surface needs to be a group.
c. The surface needs to contain triangulations.
d. The surface needs to contain adjacent edges.
In the given illustrations, what is the difference between the types of selection?

a. A selects the polygon and B selects the arc.
b. A gives Entity Info of the ellipse and B gives Entity Info of the path.
c. A gives Entity Info of the selected face and B gives Entity Info of the segment.
d. A and B are identical selections.
Which toolbar has been enabled in the given illustration?

a. Views
b. Sections
c. Faces
d. Layers
Where can you locate the geometric parameters/attributes of an imported component or a model in Google SketchUp?
a. Right click > Entity Info
b. Window menu > Components > Statistics tab
c. Window > Preferences > Component Info
d. View menu > Toolbars > Dynamic Components
The SimplifyContours.rb Ruby script file is available for free download from What does this file do?
a. It enhances Soften/Smooth Edges feature.
b. It improves the performance of Sandbox tools.
c. It displays the model edges more accurately.
d. It renders contours of hidden surfaces inside the model.
Which of the following statements about 3D Warehouse is UNTRUE?
a. From within SketchUp, you can search thousands of models stored in the 3D Warehouse.
b. You can download the models from 3D Warehouse and use them in your SketchUp models.
c. You can share your favorite 3D models by uploading them from SketchUp into the 3D Warehouse.
d. My Models and My Collections links appear By Default in 3D Warehouse window.
In order to convert a single surface into a component, you may not get the option of Make Component in the context menu, as shown in the figure. What could be a possible workaround for this?

a. A single surface cannot be converted into a component.
b. Select bounding edges to enable the option Make Component.
c. Press Ctrl and right click on the surface again.
d. Go to Edit menu and choose Make Component from the drop down.
When does Google SketchUp display a warning message to the user as shown in the figure?

a. While using Scale tool on multiple components.
b. While using the Tape Measure tool to resize models with imported components.
c. While using the Offset Tool on components loaded from external files.
d. When you try to resize multiple components with single selection window.
How can the transformation as shown in the given illustrations be brought about?

a. View > Face Style > Wireframe
b. Right click > Explode
c. View > Hidden Geometry
d. Right click > Intersect > Intersect Selected
Of the following, which tool is not found in the construction tools of Google SketchUp 7?
a. 3D Text
b. Tape Measure
c. Protractor
d. Renderer
Which of the following options would result in drawing of a triangle?
a. Select Circle tool > Draw circle > Type 3s in the Value Control Box
b. Select Rectangle tool > Draw rectangle > Type 3s in the Value Control Box
c. Select Polygon tool > Draw a polygon > SketchUp draws a triangle by default
d. None of these options will end up as a triangle
Which settings window has been displayed in the given figure? Where can you access it from?

a. Geometry Settings. It can be accessed under Toolbars > Geometry
b. Shadow Settings. It can be accessed under Windows > Shadows
c. Style Settings. It can be accessed under Windows > Style
d. Layer Settings. It can be accessed under Toolbars > Layers
In the Layers Palette shown in the given figure, what happens when you uncheck the box under Visible for Layer 1?

a. Layer 1 disappears from the model.
b. Layer 1 gets deleted from the model.
c. Layer 1 appears grayed out.
d. SketchUp doesn't allow to hide active layers.
When do you see the given dialog box in Google SketchUp?

a. When you right click on a component containing 3 dimensional planes and choose Soften/Smooth Edges.
b. When you double click on a component.
c. Soften/Smooth edges feature requires a third party plug-in.
d. When you right click on a component containing perpendicular lines and choose Soften/Smooth Edges.
Which of the following options will not help you import models from 3D Warehouse?
a. Get models from the Components window.
b. Go to SketchUp Help and Downloads.
c. Use the Get Models Option under the File menu.
d. Open the 3D Warehouse in your Internet browser.
Which of the following four methods would not work for the Follow Me tool?
a. Preselect a face or an enclosed surface as a path.
b. Use the Alt key to define a path around a face.
c. Preselect edges of a path that may or may not lie on the surface.
d. Select curved, folded and internal edged surfaces.
What is the correct procedure to create a duplicate of a component in Google SketchUp 7?
a. Select component > Ctrl C > Click a different location > Ctrl V
b. Select component > Go to Tools > Duplicate
c. Select component > Alt + Left click > Click to drag the duplicate
d. Select component > Ctrl + Move tool > Click to drag the duplicate
Which of the following context menu sub-options will NOT work for the Intersect tool in SketchUp?
a. Intersect with Model.
b. Intersect Selected.
c. Intersect with Group.
d. Intersect with Context.
How can you perform the transformation as shown in the illustration, in Google SketchUp?

a. Draw a rectangle on the face > Go to Push/Pull > Select the face and pull
b. Select Push/Pull tool > Click on the face and pull
c. Draw a rectangle on the face > Select Move tool > Press Alt and click to pull up
d. Select object > Draw a rectangle on the face > Go to Tools > Extrude up
How can one use the pan tool navigation feature with the scroll button of the mouse in Google SketchUp?
a. Ctrl key + Scroll button
b. Alt key + Scroll button
c. Shift key + Scroll button
d. Scroll button can only help you zoom in or zoom out
When will you see three reference axes and the active area embedded in three concentric enclosures, as in Figure Z?

a. When you Edit Component inside a component.
b. When you double click on an embedded component.
c. When you Edit Component inside a component, which is inside a component.
d. When you right click and choose Explode on multiple components.
Which single window, as shown in the figure, will enable you to access all the groups, components and layers used in your model?

a. Groups
b. Outliner
c. Components
d. Scenes
How can you remove the unused components from the model so that they do not appear in the Components window?
a. Go to Window menu > Preferences > Components settings
b. Select and delete each unused component from Component window
c. Click on details submenu on the Components window and choose Purge Unused
d. Unused components cannot be removed from a SketchUp model
What happens when you click on the image at which the arrow points?

a. It opens Styles window for Materials.
b. It toggles view with hidden geometry.
c. It updates the Materials window.
d. It sets the material to paint with default.
What is the default number of segments of circle drawn in SketchUp?
a. 30
b. 24
c. 16
d. 34
What happens when you click on the icon being pointed at, in the Google toolbar of SketchUp?

a. A 2D image of the current view in Google Earth is placed in SketchUp.
b. A 3D image of the current view in Google SketchUp is placed in Google Earth.
c. A 2D image of the current view in Google LayOut is placed in SketchUp.
d. A 3D image of the current view in Google StyleBuilder is placed in SketchUp.
What happens when you press the Alt key while using the Walk tool in Google SketchUp?
a. The walk speed increases.
b. The perspective height increases along the Z-axis.
c. It enables you to walk through objects taller than 22 inches.
d. It enables you to jump over objects shorter than 22 inches.
Which tool can help you perform the given transformation most effectively?

a. Extrude
b. Push/Pull
c. Follow me
d. None of these
Using the Smoove tool from Sandbox menu over a grid, how can you move the vertical offset, as shown in the figure, accurately at 12 inches below the grid?

a. Type 12" and press Enter
b. Type Offset 12" and press Enter
c. Type -12" and press Enter
d. Type o-12" and press Enter
The basic difference between the Push/Pull tool and the Sandbox Smoove tool is that the:
a. Push/Pull tool works on all surfaces.
b. Smoove tool requires a 2D surface.
c. Push/Pull tool requires a grid.
d. Smoove tool works on surfaces with a grid.
You can generate a report of a SketchUp model in an HTML file or a CSV file. The CSV file format is supported by:
a. MS PowerPoint
b. MS Word
c. MS Excel
d. No application from Microsoft
Where in Google SketchUp 7 can you access the Sample Paint tool? The Sample Paint tool appears as shown above.

a. Window menu > Materials window
b. Tools menu > Color Picker tool
c. View menu > Sample Paint tool
Google Style Builder embedded with Google SketchUp Pro, helps in:
a. applying pre-existing or customized line strokes to models.
b. applying rendering styles to models.
c. importing style sheets from online 3D warehouse.
d. creating AutoCAD compatible models.
Which of the following statements is FALSE about the Dynamic Components in Google SketchUp 7?
a. Dynamic Components can be accessed under Menu > Window > Components.
b. Attributes of Dynamic Components are limited to 3 dimensional models which have spatial orientation.
c. Attributes of Dynamic Components can also contain spatial relationships and pre-assigned behaviors.
d. Dynamic Components can have attributes assigned to them like Part Number, Cost and Weight.
How can you enable single click access for Isometric view of a model?
a. Go to View menu > Toolbars > Views
b. Ctrl + right click on the model
c. Models created with Architectural Design as Default Drawing Template enable access to Iso view.
d. None of these.
With the Ctrl key you can toggle between two modes of the Tape Measure tool. Which enhanced function does 'mode a' perform?

a. Draws a solid line.
b. Tool gets locked to an inference.
c. Draws a dotted construction guide.
d. Tool gets locked to a section.
Which one of the following reasons will NOT justify converting a number of objects into a group?
a. Objects that need to be kept separate from other objects.
b. Objects that will be saved into their own file.
c. Objects that will be used only once (and hence will not be copied).
d. Objects that will eventually be exploded (such as objects used only for cutting or trimming).
What happens when you click on the plus sign as shown in the figure?

a. Another window called Component Info pops up.
b. Entity Info shortcut gets added to the Toolset.
c. Additional options appear in an expanded drop down.
d. Optional information related to the entity is displayed.
If you press Ctrl and double click on the face of a model, which of the selections shown occurs?

a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D
Which of the following steps can help you convert two adjoining segments of a line into a single line segment?
a. Draw another line overlapping the two segments, then delete the original segments.
b. Draw another line segment from the common end point of two segments, then delete the new segment.
c. Select the two segments, right click and select Make Group.
d. Select the two segments, choose Intersect, followed by Intersect Selected.